Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bengal chit fund boss held in J&K

Srinagar/Kolkata: It was his fear of flying that finally brought Saradha Group boss Sudipta Sen crashing down. The man wanted for defrauding thousands of investors of crores of rupees in Bengal since his chit fund went bust last week, left his footprints at every highway toll plaza during his 2,000km road run and was finally tracked down to a plush hotel in Sonmarg, Jammu & Kashmir, on Tuesday afternoon.

Along with Sen, a Kolkata police team arrested Saradha Group executive director Debjani Mukherjee and Arvind Chauhan, a senior official of the company who handled the Jharkhand operations. Debjani had a meteoric rise in Sen’s firm, rising from receptionist to No. 2 in just three years. Kumar was a trusted aide who did all the driving from Ranchi, say police.

Strangely, Sen left an easyto-follow trail during his crosscountry run by using an SUV with Bengal number plates, staying in expensive hotels and flashing cash all along the way and finally choosing to hide in Kashmir where he would have to show his ID card everywhere he went. Also, by leaving behind his personal driver Bapi at Ranchi, he gave police the first big lead in tracking him down.

According to police, Sen, Debjani and Arvind left Kolkata at 4am on April 10 in a white Scorpio driven by Bapi. They reached Ranchi by afternoon, where Sen ditched the vehicle and asked Bapi to return home. They checked into a hotel, got into another white Scorpio with Bengal number plates and went off the next day.

It was from Bapi that the police got to know about the the Ranchi trip. Cops then tracked down the hotel and got the registration number of the other car (WB22U-6742). Footage from toll plaza records in Ranchi showed that the trio was on their way to Delhi .

The Scorpio was traced in Agra, Delhi, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Haldwani, Haridwar, Bhatinda and Udhampur. But everywhere the information was a day or two late.

The trio reached Srinagar on Monday evening and booked a room in Arvind’s name, say police. Kashmir police noted the WB number plates and raided the hotel. Sen, Debjani and Arvind have been booked under Sections 420, 406 and 506 of IPC.

Debjani’s lawyers, however, accused the police of lying. They say she was held in “confinement” from April 16 and was arrested when she was already on her way to Kolkata to surrender.

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