Friday, June 21, 2013

IPL Spot Fixing Scam: To hell with this rubbish game - Vindu Dara Sing

Vindoo Dara Singh says he will never see a cricket match or interact with cricketers again!
Vindoo Dara Singh still can’t believe he spent 13 days in jail for his alleged involvement in the cricket match-fixing scam. “I thought I’d be out in hours. I had told my wife I’d be back by lunch time when they took me in. I came home after 13 days. My family came to see me after I was taken in. I told them I was not guilty. They kept me going.”

No veil for me
Recalling the horrific experience h says, “I still can’t believe what I went through. There are thousands of people who bet in cricket. I haven’t done anything wrong. Except that I loved cricket. Now I hate the game. I’ll never again look at cricket. My love for cricket has cost me so heavily I’d never again watch a game in my life. I’ll never speak to anyone related to the game of cricket.” Recalling the horrifying arrest Vindoo says, “I never expected I’d be held for so long. When these guys decided to arrest me there there were hundreds of mediapersons around. I don’t know who informed them. They asked me to cover my face. I refused. Why should I cover my face? I had done nothing wrong!”

Invisible friends
None of Vindoo’s buddies from the film industry spoke up for him. He defends their silence saying, “You have to understand they were not sure of my innocence. If everyday I read the things that were written about someone in the papers even I’d have kept quiet. I don’t blame anyone for not speaking up for me. If I had done wrong they’d be in trouble. So they had to be careful. If they read in the papers that cricketers stayed in my house and that `1.28 crore were found in my house, obviously they will doubt my innocence. The accusations were shocking. Even Mahesh Bhatt, who stands up for all the wronged people in the industry, couldn’t stand up for me because of what all was being said about me.”

My real support
The real support came from Vindoo’s family and non-filmy friends. “The friends who stood by me are the childhood friends. From the film fraternity there were people who’d quietly come home and ask about me. But it was risky for them to take a public stand in my favour. Now the honourable court has ruled that I had nothing to do with any of these things.” Vindoo was amused that people were speculating about his well-to-do lifestyle. “They are whispering how and where I got my house and these cars. They’ve to understand that my father has worked hard to give us a good life. I also make a decent income. I am not some struggler or upstart.”

Love from Dolly
Dolly Bhindra was the only one who stood up for Vindoo . “The reason for her support is, she was there when the cops took me away. She spoke to me for about three minutes and she was convinced I was innocent. But like I said I am done with cricket. My brothers would often ask me why I waste so much time watching cricket. I’d fight back. Today I realise I was wasting my time. To hell with this rubbish game. It has brought me so much pain.”

Legalise bettingVindoo is all for legalising betting in cricket. “If they’re going to pick up anyone on these charges, then they might as well either shut down the bookies completely or allow them legally. The world knows for 25 years where all the bookies of the world stay. If they can’t shut them down they might as well legalise them. Just like the tobacco industry which operates when gutka is banned.” At the moment Vindoo is trying to get to work in films. He says, “I am confident I’d be acquitted. Because I have done no wrong. But in India you never know when the good guy turns into the bad guy. I’ve been called every name in the past month... from fixer, to don’s man to pimp...kuch bacha nahin. But I’ve put it behind me now. The police was doing their job. They expected some major revelations to emerge from our interrogation. Yet I was denied bail every day because there was so much media pressure...”

On release the first person 
Vindoo wanted to see was his mother. “After seeing and reading what I was accused of she said, ‘If he has really done this I’d take poison.’ If my mother thought like this think about what others thought My family is now in Russia. I want to join them, but they have taken away my passport. I’ll have to take the honourable judge’s permission. I am confident he will let me fly to Russia to be with my family.”
Subhash k Jha
Published Date:  Jun 21, 2013

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