Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mumbai Police prepared to securely warehouse every accused in NSEL Scam.

Mumbai Police prepared to securely warehouse every accused in NSEL Scam. Claim to have and ready to borrow Bulk Handling Capacities if required.

Warehouses, Commodity Trades, Bulk handling, Exchange, Borrowers and Defaulters have become the latest buzzwords doing rounds among the sleuths in EOW of Mumbai Police. In-between the serious investigations, the same words are often used to crack jokes to lighten the tense atmosphere owing to public pressure.

One such joke is the “Bulk Handling” requirements that the agency may require to “securely warehouse” a long list of accused who are on their radar. The EOW claims that their warehouse has enough capacity and they can borrow some space or even rent out some to store the accused that are in the queue for being arrested.

The Cells are there to stack the accused, though fans and beds may be “non-existent” like the commodities in NSEL warehouses. Though 3 table fans can be “exchanged” on a daily or even an hourly basis between accused, under strict supervision of a constable.

For now a bigger and better room in the same premises where Anjani, Amit and Jai are housed as Guests is being done up in anticipation of arrival of a new guest next week. “Atithi Devo Bhava”, a constable laughed. Another one pitched in to say, “Chief Atithi, Tum kab aaoge”, indicating that a bigger name than Anjani Sinha is expected soon.

An Inspector interrupted them to say, “Whatever is outlined as per the manual, we will provide to the NSEL Scam accused till they are in Police Custody”. A Vegetarian joint in Crawford market is understood to be the favorite “Warehouse Delivery” eatery for Jai, while Amit is preferring a nearby Bengali Joint named after a famous Railway Station in Kolkata. Anjani may like to get his “LunchBox” from home through a Dabbawala, a constable said.

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