Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crores are being spent on facelift afresh every year during Winter Session hinting big scam?

The shoddy state of affairs of Public Works Department have again been exposed when it handed over a total of 60 major works for Winter Session to a single contractor even though the dust of plundering of staggering money on bungalows of ministers, and the subsequent scam, has not settled down, sources said.

The eminent social activist Mohan Karemore has requested the Chief Secretary to order a high-level probe into the distribution of works for Winter Session which point out massive irregularities and also raise the possibilities of a big scam in the offing. “The firm which has no authority or permission to carry out works with the help of Hot Mix Plant has been given the contract for tarring of roads,” Karemore alleged in his complaint to the Chief Secretary.

Karemore further elaborated that every year, during the Winter Session of Maharashtra Legislature, the Chief Minister’s official residential bungalow, Deputy Chief Minister’s official residential bungalow, ministers’ bungalows in Ravi Bhavan premises, Nag Bhavan and MLA House buildings are being given facelift with colourful whitewashing, new furnitures, new lightings, new crockeries, tiles, and other material is either replaced or repaired.

The social activist Mohan Karemore has asked a million dollar question: “How these costly material get damaged to be replaced by new ones every year during the Winter Session”? “Why the same material is purchased and replaced spending crores and crores of rupees every year”? “Where the old but very costly material go”? This aspect is certainly an aspect of research for an expert, Karemore stated.

It may be recalled, a scam was got exposed in the purchase of costly material two years ago. The court had ordered sacking of many officials. PWD was forced to blacklist many contractors. Still the PWD refuses to take serious note of the affairs. Moreover, in the name of urgent works, no tenders are invited. “Do the works and take the money” is the policy of PWD. And that too without checking the works done by the contractors. How much work has been done is not recorded. “This year, a single contractor has been given the contract to carry out 60 major works without any tender process. The lack of transparency has given birth to colossal irregularities in the works. Many works are carried out only on papers and the money in mammoth proportion is being pocketed by the contractors and the concerned authorities,” Karemore alleged.

Vidhan Bhavan gardens blossoming, other power centres being given dazzling facelift

Nagpur News: Notwithstanding the political heat, uproar, war of words, hurling of grave charges, countercharges, cornering of Government over crucial issues of public interest in both the Houses of Maharashtra Legislature during the Winter Session in the Second Capital, the gardens in the Vidhan Bhavan premises are blossoming with beautiful, attractive, and dazzlingly colourful flowers of different varieties. Roses of all hues and colours are the main attraction. A look at the gardens makes one goes in trance.

Similarly, the Vidhan Bhavan, Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Ravi Bhavan and Nag Bhavan, the residential quarters of Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State respectively, Ramgiri, the Chief Minister’s official residence, Deogiri, the Deputy Chief Minister’s official residence, MLAs’ House buildings are being given a facelift afresh with colourful whitewashing, new and attractive furnishings, and other decorations. The works of beautification is being carried under the supervision of Public Works Department.

  • However, the most important aspect of the Winter Session, the security, is being taken utmost care. 
  • This year, the Legislature Secretariat has decided to photograph every person for entry in the Vidhan Bhavan and its premises. 
  • The mediapersons, photographers, and others, who are interested in covering the proceedings of both the Houses, first have to visit Vidhan Bhavan to be photographed by a team which has arrived from Mumbai for the specific purpose. 
  • The photo session is likely to start within 3-4 days. 
  • The officials of Secretariat have also arrived and the Ground Floor has been fixed for photo session of mediapersons, photographers and others covering the proceedings of both the Houses of Maharashtra Legislature. 
  • All the interested have to complete the necessary formalities for entry in the Vidhan Bhavan without which entry is strictly prohibited.
Published On: Sun, Nov 17th, 2013
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