Monday, February 24, 2014

IPL panel raps city cops for not probing D link

Mumbai : The Justice Mudgal IPL probe committee has strongly indicted the Mumbai police for not pursuing the role of gangster Dawood Ibrahim in the IPL betting scam and said the probe’s solitary focus on Gurunath Meiyappan, CSK principal, indicates “shoddy investigation”.

The panel said Mumbai police worked at cross-purposes with Delhi police and voiced unhappiness over the police allowing Pak umpire Asad Rauf to leave India and not expanding its probe to examine the role of other cricketers whose names cropped up in transcripts related to the scandal. Here’s what the report says:

On the Dawood connection
• Chandresh Patel, according to Delhi police, is one of the key henchmen/fixers of Dawood. He was in direct contact with bookies in Pakistan and it was through him that the crime syndicate operated by Dawood initiated spot-fixing by Rajasthan players. Curiously, Chandresh Patel, though known to Mumbai police to be a co-conspirator with Vindoo Dara Singh, is shown only as a witness and not an accused in the Mumbai police charge sheet.

• With the approval of Dawood… Ramesh Vyas had taken over the Mumbai turf earlier run by one Firoz. Yet Mumbai police negate any connection between Vyas and Dawood. Ramesh Vyas is projected according to the Mumbai police charge sheet to be only a bookie and an exchange (telephone) operator…

• The fact that Mumbai police did not accept the role of Dawood in the betting racket evinces that Delhi police and Mumbai police are working at cross-purposes in so far as the link to Dawood is concerned. In such a grave matter of national security pertaining to involvement of a terrorist gang in running illegal hawala operations in the lucrative betting market in cricket, the two top police organizations, one of the political capital and other of the financial capital cannot be permitted to work at crosspurposes.

• Mumbai police, however, informed the panel they had no conclusive material that Dawood was linked with the betting operations in Mumbai.

•There is therefore cause for a distinct impression that for reasons not satisfactorily explained, Mumbai police was not willing to investigate the role of Dawood in the racket.
On Meiyappan

• The approach of Mumbai police appears curious, more so keeping in mind the abrupt voluntary statement of Mumbai police before the committee that their focus in the investigation was Gurunath Meiyappan… It is unbelievable that Mumbai police has failed to locate all other persons involved in the racket. It is inconceivable such a betting racket would function for the benefit of one person. Police has either been naïve or have deliberately not investigated the entire betting operations.
On Asad Rauf

• Failure to detain Asad Rauf indicates possibilities which may require further probe.
Police defend their investigation J oint commissioner of police (crime) Himanshu Roy said, “The report is a validation of professional investigations carried out by Mumbai crime branch. The committee had believed the report which we had presented before them.”

A senior Mumbai police officer said they probed only those aspects which had legal validity and which could stand in the court of law. “One person cannot be arrested for the same offence in two difference places. It will jeopardize the probe,” the officer said, referring to bookie Chandresh Patel’s role. TNN
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