Monday, November 25, 2013

Kunal Ghosh held in Saradha scam

Kolkata: More than six months after the Saradha Ponzi meltdown, police arrested Trinamool MP Kunal Ghosh late on Saturday evening, charging him with an “equal rolein theconspiracy” along with Saradha CEO Sudipta Sen and his associates.

Kunal’s arrest came after 11 rounds of police interrogation and on the day he accused the Bidhannagar detective department chief, Arnab Ghosh, of “criminal blackmail”. Police say they took the Rajya Sabha MP into custody after getting fresh evidence against him.

Kunal, the Saradha Group Media CEO, was detained at Bidhannagar south police station for about three hours for interrogation soon after he went there to lodge the complaint against Arnab Ghosh. Ironically, it was the same IPS officer who announced Kunal’s arrest at 7pm in connection with a case lodged by Channel 10 employees. Channel 10 was owned by the Saradha Group. Although the complaint was about nonpayment of salary, police say they got hold of documents to substantiate the charge that Kunal played a muchbigger role than a mere “salaried employee” of Saradha.

Fearing arrest, Kunal had hurriedly called a press meet at his Sukeas Street residence on Friday, alleging that Arnab Ghosh was putting “undue pressure” on him toextort a statementover where the Saradha money has been stashed other than the media businesses.

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