Saturday, November 9, 2013

Firm told to pay `5k for selling faulty water filter

The suburban district consumer forum has penalised Hindustan Unilever Limited for selling a faulty water filter to a customer. The company has been asked to pay the customer Rs. 5,000 and replace the filter with a new one.

The case dates back to August 2011, when Kadir Khan, a Malad resident, bought the water filter worth Rs1,000. In his complaint, Khan said since the filter was a faulty one, he couldn’t use it. He tried to get in touch with the company a number of times, but the company failed to respond. Aggrieved with the company’s attitude, Khan filed a complaint against HUL with the consumer forum in December 2011.

In its reply, HUL claimed that they had deployed personnel to attend to the complainant’s problem a number of times, but as the personnel couldn’t find anyone at the complainant’s home.

The forum added that since HUL had circulated a faulty piece in the market for sale, a compensation of Rs. 5,000 would have to be awarded to the complainant, apart from replacement of the faulty appliance with a new filter.
Pranali Lotlikar @plotlikar
Published Date:  Nov 09, 2013


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    I got to know of this car from an ad which her assistant, Sunil had posted on OLX. In the details featured in the ad it was clearly mentioned that the total running of the car is 32,000 Kms, the same was communicated to me by Mrs.Sethi, her husband and her driver too. I saw the car, liked it and bought it.

    On 11th January 2014 while booking the car for servicing with an authorized dealer I was told that the car's total running in June 2013 was 50,000 kms. I was totally devastated when I heard that.

    On learning the same, I took the matter up with the owner and her husband Mr. Manish Sethi, an architect (who is a co-owner of Dream Space too) and told them that I wish to return the car to them as they have cheated me, the owners denied to know of the whereabouts and said that the same cannot be done. Mrs.Sethi's husband Mr.Manish Sethi told me that the deal is not reversible and if I wished to return the car to them then they will deduct 20,000 rs from the total amount which I had paid them for the car as his time got wasted.

    I went to the police station too, but the police asked me write a letter and had put its stamp on it, basis this letter I have procured servicing history of the car from Honda Servicing Center too.

    This is sheer case of fraud and cheating. I told Mr and Mrs. Sethi to meet in person to discuss this issue before I take any legal route to which they said "UP TO YOU".

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    Iftekhar Ahmed